Welcome to Borgan Kvalitetsferie 

Borgan with some of it's 6000 islands

Paddling one day, walking around in peaceful surroundings on ancient paths the next. In areas that were filled with life, animals and activity only a couple of decades ago. Hike on Scenic paths and view remnants from the stone age. Listen to the sound of the big wave that rolls in from the ocean, mixed together with the sea eagles' harsh scream and majestic flight. A deer steps forward from behind a rock. It looks astonished yet peers curiously at the intruders. High up in the sky you can see a jet under way towards distant destinations. 

All of this in an unbelievably quiet and stress free environment. 

An abandoned eagle nest on a small island close to Borgan

Time to paddle around…Explore any one of 6000 islands. Pick wild berries, have a barbeque. Eat and enjoy this peaceful, calm and wild lifestyle. Join us this season…forget about the stress in your everyday life. 

Welcome to the ultimate nature experience. 

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